Fenton, MO - PlateWatch, LLC Granted Trademark by U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted registration of the PlateWatch® trademark to PlateWatch, LLC, a Fenton, Missouri based startup specializing in license plate capture assemblies for home security.

PlateWatch® is the first patent-pending license plate capture assembly specially designed for homeowners to provide identifiable and actionable images of license plates and vehicles to protect family, home and property.


PlateWatch® license plate capture assemblies are are designed as inconspicuous and decorative mailbox posts, address posts, and sign post assemblies. The unique home security assembly features cameras capable of capturing images of license plates and vehicles during day and night conditions on most two lane residential streets.

“Consumer grade video doorbells, video flood lights, and security cameras often lack the mounting location, positioning, angle, lighting and resolution required to capture accurate details of vehicles and license plates in daylight, challenging lighting conditions, and total darkness. This has become more evident with the recordings of vehicle larcenies, car thefts, package thefts, vandalism and other crimes shared daily in social media and the news. In mosts cases, consumer grade security cameras cannot provide useful images to help law enforcement solve these crimes. I feel I have solved the problem for homeowners that are serious about home security.” said Dwayne Cooney, Inventor and Founder of PlateWatch, LLC.

PlateWatch® can be used as a license plate capture (LPC) device when connected to a home security camera system, or it can serve as the capture device for many of the license plate recognition (LPR) software systems or LPR subscriptions services available to homeowners today. Third-party LPR subscriptions provide homeowners with the ability to search their own license plate database when a crime is discovered or be alerted to a suspicious vehicle before a crime occurs.

“When the PlateWatch® licenses plate capture assembly is paired with LPR software or a subscription LPR service, anyone can enter license plates into their own watch lists and be alerted to license plates associated with vehicles of interest, suspicious vehicles, BOLO’s (Be on the Lookout), orders of protection, missing persons, Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, restricted vehicles, service vehicles, delivery vehicles, employees, customers, family, visitors, and more. There has never been anything like this available to homeowners in the PlateWatch® form factor. The possibilities are exciting.” said Dwayne Cooney.

PlateWatch is working hard to stock up for your future order. To be notified when PlateWatch is in stock, register at www.PlateWatchStore.com.



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