What is PlateWatch®?
PlateWatch® is the first patented license plate capture device designed specially for homeowners to protect family, home, and property... and SOLVE crime in neighborhoods. PlateWatch® is available in decorative and inconspicuous mailbox post and address post assemblies.

Is PlateWatch like my smart doorbell or floodlight?
No. PlateWatch® provides clear, identifiable, and actionable images that consumer-based doorbells, floodlights, and security cameras often cannot deliver.

Do PlateWatch® assemblies enable license plate capture (LPC)?
Yes. PlateWatch® assemblies capture clear, identifiable, and actionable images of vehicles and license plates near your home. 

Do PlateWatch® assemblies enable license plate recognition (LPR)
Yes, PlateWatch® assemblies can serve as the capture device for most third-party LPR, ALPR, or ANPR systems. 

How can PlateWatch enhance my home security?
PlateWatch® can serve as a license plate capture (LPC) device to record and store clear, identifiable, and actionable images or recordings of license plates and vehicles near your home.

PlateWatch® can also serve as the capture device for many third-party license plate recognition (LPR) systems designed to capture, record, and log license plates near your home. Additionally, these systems can be configured to alert users via email, SMS, and user interface.

Can PlateWatch® capture license plates during the day?

Can PlateWatch® capture license plates during the night?

Can PlateWatch capture license plates in the rain, sleet, or snow?

Does PlateWatch® use WiFi?
No, PlateWatch® is not a wireless surveillance solution. We feel the most reliable surveillance solutions are hardwired.

How is PlateWatch® powered?
PlateWatch® assemblies are powered via PoE (power over ethernet) over CAT6 cabling. Therefore, we recommend that PlateWatch® assemblies are installed within 320 feet (100 meters) from your PoE (power over ethernet) switch or PoE-enabled NVR. The best method is to use direct burial CAT6 cable. This method is as simple as burying landscape lighting cable.

Is PlateWatch® a stand-alone device, or can it be integrated with my existing system?
PlateWatch® can be stand-alone, integrated with ONVIF capable systems, or camera-specific firmware compatible systems. 

Does PlateWatch® have an app or software interface?
There is no PlateWatch® app or software. The only interface(s) is on the onboard camera web interface(s). However, PlateWatch® is compatible with many video management systems (VMS), NVR's (network video recorders) or VSaaS (video storage as a service) systems. Installing PlateWatch® is very similar to adding new cameras to your new or existing system. 

Can PlateWatch send notifications?
When used as the capture device for third-party LPR systems and cloud services, the systems can be configured to alert the end user to license plates associated associated with unknown vehicles, suspicious vehicles, criminal investigations, orders of protection, missing persons, Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, restricted vehicles, service vehicles, patrol vehicles, deliveries, employees, customers, coworkers, VIP’s, family, visitors and more.

Does PlateWatch® store the data locally or use host servers for storage similar to popular smart camera doorbells and floodlights?
PlateWatch® can be configured with the following system types to record and store images:

1) ONVIF or manufacturer firmware compatible VMS

2) ONVIF or manufacturer firmware compatible NVR

3) ONVIF or RTSP compatible VSaaS services

4) Onboard SD card as primary (web interface)

5) Onboard SD card as redundant backup (web interface)

6) Local and cloud-based license plate recognition (LPR) systems. 

I'm not sure PlateWatch® will work for me. Can you help me decide?
We provide free design consultation and assessment to determine if PlateWatch is right for you. Once we rule out any installation or operational issues, you will be provided with project drawings, calculations, and photos of the latest production models. During the consultation, we will determine if you will self-install or require a professional installation by a qualified electronic security provider.

How do I order PlateWatch®?
Please visit www.PlateWatchStore.com.

How much does PlateWatch® cost?
PlateWatch® assemblies range from $999 to $1499, depending on the design. 

Why does your online store indicate that PlateWatch® is back ordered or out of stock?
We have established a waitlist due to global supply chain issues. As supplies arrive, PlateWatch® assemblies are made in limited quantities. Customers from the waitlist will be contacted as PlateWatch® assemblies become available. As the supply chain crisis improves, we will move to regular production to fill orders as we stock up on supplies.

Does PlateWatch ever go on sale, or can I find discounts online?
We offer discounts to current and verified first responders in law enforcement, Fire, and EMS.