Fenton, MO - PlateWatch® PlateWatch® Captures Larceny Suspects Using Third-Party LPR Technology

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PlateWatch® Captures Larceny Suspects Using Third-Party LPR Technology

Imagine you're in bed when a car slowly drives by scoping out vehicles and homes in your neighborhood. A few seconds later, a text alert pops up on your phone alerting you that there is an unknown/suspicious vehicle on your street. This is what happened to a Fenton, Missouri PlateWatch® user on April 13, 2022.

The homeowner was laying in bed as the suspicious vehicle drove by. A clear image of the out-of-state license plate was captured by the PlateWatch® mailbox assembly, then automatically uploaded to a third-party LPR cloud service, Rekor Scout™. 

In a matter of seconds, the LPR service processed the license plate image, logged the date and time, and alerted the homeowner via SMS and email. The homeowner was able to determine that the vehicle had not previously appeared on the street.

The homeowner quickly called the police and shared the plate image and details. Within minutes, officers responded, located the vehicle, and made a good stop.

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