Fenton, MO - PlateWatch® Mailbox Captures Images of Suspect Vehicle in Hit & Run

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PlateWatch® Mailbox Captures Images of Suspect Vehicle in Hit & Run

Fenton, MO - In September 2022, a homeowner posted on several social media channels asking for help in identifying a vehicle that hit a parked car in front of their home, then fled the scene. Several neighbors added their concerns about the same vehicle allegedly driving carelessly in the area. Residents believe the vehicle was associated with a contractor working to bury fiber optic cabling in the area.

The only description of the vehicle involved in the hit and run was from one witness, a black Ford F150 with "Black Ops" on the side. After reading the posts online, a PlateWatch® user searched the images captured with the PlateWatch® mailbox, paired with the cloud-based A.I. license plate recognition solution, Rekor® Scout™.

Using only the limited information provided on social media, the PlateWatch® user performed a search using three filters: "Black" "Ford" "Truck", and located the suspect vehicle in seconds. A black Ford F150 - Call of Duty Edition.

The images captured by PlateWatch® provided clear, identifiable, and actionable images of the suspect vehicle, as well as the key to solving the crime, the license plate number.

The images were quickly shared with the victim, then verified by their neighbor and only witness. Later that day, the PlateWatch® user shared the information with the local police who agreed that it was in fact the suspect vehicle.

The police officer agreed that PlateWatch® will be an incredible tool that can help homeowners and law enforcement solve neighborhood crime.

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